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Forthcoming papers + work in progress



Fiction and Scientific Modelling



Against Bracketing and Complacency: Metaphysics and the Methodology of Science



Holism and Nonsupervenience in Quantum Mechanics



Realism about Missing Systems



Book project on scientific representation






Some recent publications



Modelling without Mathematics Philosophy of Science 79: 761–72, 2012. 



Structuralism about Scientific Representation in Scientific Structuralism, edited by

Peter Bokulich and Alisa Bokulich, 2011.



Review of Bas van Fraassen's Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective

Australasian Journal of Philosophy 89: 567–70, 2011.



Missing Systems and the Face Value Practice Synthese 172: 283–99, 2010.    



Models and the Semantic View Philosophy of Science 73: 524–35, 2006.



Idealization and Abstraction: A Framework in Correcting the Model: Idealization and

Abstraction in the Sciences, edited by Martin Jones and Nancy Cartwright, 2005.




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Unpublished longer versions 



Review of Bas van Fraassen's Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective, 2011.



Missing Systems and the Face Value Practice on the PhilSci Archive, 2007.



Models and the Semantic View on the PhilSci Archive, 1997.






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Brief descriptions of forthcoming papers and works in progress



Brief descriptions of the published papers listed above, and the unpublished longer versions



A list of some older papers, including papers in the philosophy of quantum mechanics

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